Palmer Line Humidors

Featuring Spanish Cedar and Other Materials from Cuba

Like my line of standard humidors, Palmer Line humidors are sport exotic veneers applied over a stable base wood of either Spanish cedar or mahogany. Hardwood edge banding protects fragile edges from damage, and an interior divider outfitted with leather end pads allows you to customize your humidor’s interior depending on the size of cigar you wish to store.

Unlike my Standard line, Palmer Line Humidors incorporate woods and other items directly from Cuba. In many cases, their interiors are lined in part by Spanish cedar from the island’s Pinar del Rio province. Please refer to the specific descriptions for each humidor for more information on these truly unique items.

Custom-made Cuban humidor of exotic hardwoodsAtlasA handmade humidor featuring Cuban origin materials
The Atlas humidor features rosewood veneer over solid Honduran mahogany. With its edge banding of wenge and an inlay of checkerboard holly, the Atlas is a handsome box befitting of its name. The interior is lined with 3/16-in. Cuban-origin Spanish cedar. The exterior is sealed with de-waxed shellac and finished with 12 coats of gloss lacquer followed by clear paste wax.

Gabriel Palmer (L) standing before the Atlas, which is undergoing repairs at the shipyard circa 1955.

About the Name – Originally a mine sweeper during the second world war, the Atlas, along with a sister ship dubbed the “Hercules,” was purchased by the Palmer Shipyards after the conclusion of hostilities in 1945. It was brought to Havana and converted into a tugboat.

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