Humidors with a History

The Havana Shipyards at Casablanca, circa 1957Custom-made humidors featuring woods and other materials directly from Cuba. As the great-grandson of Havana shipyards founder Gabriel Palmer, I aim to carry on the tradition of craftsmanship forged by my namesake more than half-a-century ago. Made using exotic veneers and uncompromising craftsmanship, my humidors are built one-at-a-time, by a single woodworker.

About this Photograph – The Havana Shipyards at Casablanca, as they were in 1957. In the background, the SS Casablanca can be seen undergoing repairs. Built as a cargo vessel in 1906, the Casablanca would be scrapped in 1960. Directly in front of the ship, the shipyard’s original office, a humble wooden shack, can be seen. The office was preserved for as long as the Palmer family owned the shipyards, serving as a constant reminder of the operation’s humble beginnings.

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