Off Topic: Havana’s Living Dead

Juan of the Dead, Cuban horror film

Juan racks 'em up along Havana's famed Malecon sea wall in the new Cuban horror film, Juan of the Dead.

“The day after Havana is invaded by the living dead, Juan and Sara emerge from their dilapidated apartment building to find the streets filled with people roving aimlessly, their wide eyes blank.

“It all looks the same to me,” Sara shrugs.

From the New York Times • 
December 10, 2011

George Romero: Please Step Aside

Cuba’s answer to the hit camp horror film, Shawn of the Dead is no small potatoes. Director Alejandro Brugues’ second film was executed with the aid of a mind-blowing (at least by Cuban standards) $2,000,000 budget. And while Juan of the Dead has absolutely nothing to do with fine cigars, or the construction of handmade humidors, it was just too funny to pass up mentioning in my blog.

Like all Cuban art with political overtones, the central ideas behind the story are veiled beneath an umbrella of interpretation that protects the producers from potential trouble with the island’s government. Cuba guards her reputation carefully, and those artists who perhaps don’t agree with the island’s politics, often turn to producing art that can be interpreted in multiple ways – either positive or negative – depending on which way you look at it. The appearance of “Juan” at a time of great change in Cuba is perhaps no accident.

But this blog isn’t about politics. I take no stance either way. I am a humble furniture-maker suffering from a love of silly, often absurd horror films. This one fits the bill. I’d give it three coronas….err, stars!

Watch the Trailer


  1. Carlos Quintanal says:

    Seen it. Loved it. Can’t wait to watch it again!!! Nice boxes, BTW!!

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