Standard Humidors

Featuring exotic veneers and first-class construction

Unlike my signature Palmer Line, Standard Humidors do not contain Cuban-origin Spanish cedar, yet they are built to the same specifications as all my humidors. Exotic veneers are applied over a stable base-wood of either Spanish cedar or mahogany, hardwood edge banding protects fragile edges from damage, and an interior divider outfitted with leather end pads allows you to customize your humidor’s interior depending on the size of cigar you wish to store.



Custommade humidor made of sapele and wenge Barcelona A handmade humidor of sapele and wenge
The Barcelona humidor features sapele veneer over Spanish cedar, with wenge edge banding. Inside the humidor, you’ll find an additional 3/16-in. lining, also of Spanish cedar, as well as our standard leather padded divider for customization. The Barcelona is finished off with two sealer coats of de-waxed shellac, followed by 12 coats of gloss lacquer, and two coats of hand-rubbed paste wax.

A Cuban freighter ship in Havana Harbor in the 1950s

The Barcelona arriving at the Bay of Havana.

About the Name – The Barcelona humidor is named after one of the many Palmer Line ships that sailed between Havana Cuba and Pensacola FL in the 1950’s, carrying a great deal of import/export items including GE appliances. Built in San Francisco, CA during the second World War, the Barcelona was an N3-class cargo ship. The ship was purchased by the Palmer Line in 1957 and was in continuous operation, shipping items between Cuba and the United States, for three years.

The Barcelona features the following construction components:

  • Spanish cedar “base” wood
  • Sapele veneer
  • Wenge edge-banding
  • Secondary liner of 3/16-in. Spanish cedar
  • Solid brass side rail hinges
  • Compartment divider padded in leather
Price: $910.00 (USD)
*Shipping not included

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